André Pallat

Originating from the region of Cornwall in England, André has been nourishing from childhood a special affinity for painting, which is an activity he fled to in his moments of leisure. During his four years of apprenticeship at the international school of Aiglon Boarding College in Switzerland André’s pictorial ability was commented on by those around him, and this encouraged him to pursue weekly instruction from a local painter, Will Burdet. With him at his side, the young artist was to tour and greatly appreciate the various scenes and villages that make up the Swiss countryside, attempting to communicate through his brushes the emotions his discoveries evoked in him. From that time his passion for painting has known no bounds.

Nowadays he lives with his family in Littlehampton, a seaside resort located in the county of Sussex in southern England, where André works on a daily basis on the development of his production of pictures. Whether this is in the tranquillity of his studio or during outdoor sessions, the painter is happy painting landscapes, still life and scenes from everyday life, using a rich palette consisting of oil occasionally enhanced with acrylic.

Even though they follow a style that is resolutely realist, André’s works are designed in the style of a fresco of luminous colours and tints, which together form a harmonious and permeable whole. Under the profound influence of techniques employed by impressionist painters, André is thus able to offer us a wide panorama of atmospheric aesthetics, which tend to take account of the sensitive, poetic character that can emerge from every subject he attempts.