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Born in Romania, LILI immigrated to the Italian peninsula when he was three. An art lover from an early age, he studied knowledge and techniques in graphic arts as well as plastic arts, and graduated from the Accademia di Belle Arti di Roma in 2016.

A figure painter, this young artist specialises in portraits and prefers creating representations of female faces. His debut, in June 2016, was the series titled “VS” that resulted from a conversation on opposites - derived from the Latin versus that means opposition to - and contributed to the creation of art that focused on “the balance between form and material, between contingency and rationality”. This ambivalence is especially visible through the inclusion, in the same piece of art, of two radically opposed aesthetic languages: academism on the one hand and spontaneity on the other.

Using acrylic paints applied to the canvas using a spatula, LILI’s backgrounds are painted with techniques inspired by the masters of action painting, and especially Jackson Pollock (1912-1956). The formerly smooth surface evolves into decisively coloured and expressive textures. From this abstract composition, the artist creates a visage, using the classical techniques of realist design. The painting is then coated with a gloss varnish that enhances the iconic character of his portraits.

Designed to be objects of reflection as well as contemplation, LILI’s art emphasises the new aesthetic standards imposed on us by the consumer and entertainment industry.