Marc Boffin

Marc developed a penchant for art in his youth. He started his training by taking evening classes at the Musée des Beaux-Arts of Nancy and extended his skills to painting after he was twelve. After completing his baccalaureate in science, Marc joined l'École de Condé, a private institute specialising in applied art education, where he took a course that focused on interior decoration and space design. Throughout his years of study, Marc had a strong leaning towards pictorial art, a subject for which he feels unbridled passion.

Thus, in 2012, the young artist decided to experiment by making his avocation his vocation so that he could spend his life to developing his works. Fuelled by the desire to reach out to a wide audience, the artist from Nancy likes to exhibit his works in restaurants and works with great enthusiasm towards expanding his projects to cater to not just private individuals but companies as well, mainly through partnerships with BMW, Hermès or Porsche, which involve the creation of limited edition stamped original sculptures.

His paintings, which are formally associated with hyperrealism, are based on photographs taken in a studio that he endeavours to transpose on to his canvas with great patience and precision. Light is at the core of his entire approach. His canvas is generally first coated with black paint and is then enhanced with a large drawing made with a paint-brush, always using white acrylic paint. His subjects have a relatively restricted range of shades and stand out owing to their contrasts and volumes which make it seem like they are surfacing from the canvas.