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Born in Bangkok, Pitchanan began her higher studies with a course dedicated to architecture and industrial design. As she studied, she realised that this career path no longer interested her. In fact, her fondest desire was to reunite with her first loves, design and painting. Therefore, in 2011, she began attending classes at the Academy of Arts in Saint Petersburg in Russia. After graduating, Pitchanan decided to continue her studies in New York in the United States, first at the Art Students League of New York and then at the National Academy. Alongside renowned artists, the young painter gained the stylistic and technical skills that were key to her artistic development, and reaffirmed her desire to dedicate her life to painting.

Currently once again living in Bangkok, Pitchanan works daily to produce her art, nurtured with the knowledge that she received from her meetings with painters from Thailand, Russia and America. In light of this, her interest leans naturally towards abstract realism, doubly influenced by the academic art she studied in Russia and the contemporary scene prevailing in New York.

Using abstract shapes that she depicts on the canvas, Pitchanan sculpts her pictorial matter until she obtains the inklings of a face, generally female ones. By overlapping layers of oil colours, combined with subtle and hazy lines, the painter gives birth to an evanescent being whose presence transcends the medium on which it is painted, like an ephemeral apparition that she immortalises with her brush.