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Paul Howe

A self-taught artist based in the English city of Bridgnorth, Paul Howe spent thirty years in the design and publishing industry before he began exploring the possibilities of graphic and plastic arts. He always nurtured a strong attachment to Fine Arts, and even as a child, he tried his hand at drawing and began his first personal forays into shapes and colours. Later, he regularly attended exhibitions and places of art in his region.

Paul is a passionate person and over the past twenty years, has never missed a chance to document and study numerous styles and different techniques that are milestones in the history of the Fine Arts. He draws from all of these resources to enhance his own practice. This long learning effort has today granted him the opportunity of setting up several workshops in order to pass on his knowledge and enthusiasm to his students.

A portrait artist above all, Paul creates snapshots of life, imprints of gentleness and poetry, which he creates with his charcoal or his oil paints. His process is intimately linked to his subject. Paul works either with photographs, which he touches up to give the images more visual effects before transposing them onto canvass, or directly with models. Through subtle shades of grey that wonderfully unite the dark and the light, Paul immortalises visages of unknowns or celebrities with a realistic approach, combined with multiple effects to emphasise their physicality. This unveils a certain sensitivity and a deep attachment of the artist for his subjects.