Marie-Laure Souq

Born in 1972 in the Parisian region of Val de Marne, Marie-Laure Souq left the Ile-de- France for Auvergne, where she grew up. It was with her father, a painter in his spare time, and inspired by the Parisian ‘Poulbots’ painted by Michel Thomas, that she learned to draw and then paint: The smell of the oils hasn’t left her since then. Back in the region of Paris, this passionate painter took evening classes at the Beaux Arts in Paris, but life took her to other horizons and her family life soon took over. But three years ago, she decided to devote herself entirely to her passion and settled in Brittany in Morbihan, after developing a soft spot for the region. It is then that she began to paint the surroundings of the seaside and the half- timbered houses, but she didn’t forget Paris and its countless nooks and crannies: nostalgia led her to add life to the picture by painting a woman in yellow “because it radiates and illuminates my paintings”, which became a characteristic of her work. For her, she represents “THE” woman in general; free, carefree and nonchalant. “I am slso passionate about fashion, so painting allows me to imagine and create lively outfits that I like, which gives life to my paintings.’’ Pleasantly surprised by the success of the “girl in yellow”, she opened her Auray studio to the public and has increased the number of exhibitions held.