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Pedro de Miguel

After attending the School of Arts and Crafts, Pedro filled various positions for fifteen years in the field of painting, advertisement and fashion photography. It is only in the beginning of 2000 that he decided to specialise professionally in visual practice. The Spanish painter is inspired by nature in all of its manifestations and has elaborate over time his own artistic language, which he depicts on his canvas using various mixed techniques.

Pedro uses fairly cold tones to make his paintings, which he describes as "dreamlike landscape", thwarting the borders of our visual perception by offering a partially revealed fragmentation of the subjects he represents. Indeed, the artist creates landscapes like a succession of frames in which the landscape is described using chromatic strokes with diffuse contours, which gives the works their foggy and mysterious appearance that is almost ungraspable. The willingness to let the background penetrate once in a while into the foreground and the foreground to enter the background, blurs the norms of classical painting in order to strive to reach another level of representation, essentially based on suggestion.

The practice of painting is entirely guided by a search for harmony that is both formal and chromatic. Pedro works to translate an evocation on his canvas rather than a representation that is faithful to reality and, to do so, he composes suggestions of landscapes that are both complex and appeasing of our natural environment, which he are then free to interpret according to the codes of our personal interpretation and imagination.