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Roselyne Dupetitpré

Self-taught, Roselyne Dupetitpré began the practice of oil painting very young. Running this activity in parallel to her professional career, the artist from Brittany first experienced abstraction in 2011; from then on, her pictorial style “asserted itself [to her] as an essential and indispensable blatancy, as respiration necessary to [her] balance”.

The discovery of this form of creative expression echoes her new medium of choice, acrylic, which she loves to apply to the canvas in a fluid and slender gesture, free from all constraint. Adept meditation is at the centre of her work. Thus, guided by chance, constantly immersing herself in the world around her, whilst staying in touch with her emotions, over the years the painter has learned to develop a deep and intimate relationship with her materials. Created with energy and passion, her painting comes in movements, like a lyrical flight. Cracks, serifs and casts structure its composition, whilst its pallet of colours, always bright but deliberately restrained, offers many gradations and plays of light.

Essentially carried by the pictorial works of Chinese artists Zao Wou-ki (1920-2013) and Chu Teh-Chun (1920-2014), Roselyne Dupetitpré sees each of her paintings as an open window on life: the sometimes explosive meeting of opposites must give birth to a harmony, both visual and sensitive, in which each viewer can eternally gather strength.