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Bishop Parigo

Following a good collaboration with Carré d'artistes, Bishop Parigo is now exploring new perspectives. Since its creation, Carré d'artistes accompanies and highlights the work of artists. Whether they are young artists or well-known artists, Carré d'artistes gives them global exposure to live their passion and today showcases more than 600 talents from all over the world. Feel free to discover our new talents carefully selected each month by our art department.

Graphic artist, illustrator and street artist Bishop Parigo, aka Nicolas Poirier, started his career with a CAP as an Execution Agent graphic designer (more
simply a sign painter) and a license in technical design modelling, before following a DTP modelling sandwich course. Both an artist and illustrator, he draws all possible media, from little birds, animals or little soft, coloured monsters which became his trademark. In this way, he produces little characters with bulging eyes, each more colourful than the others! A special world which makes you think of Happy Tree Friends. The artist stands out for being a “jack of all trades”. Over the last 10 years, he has been able to try out a whole range of media: canvas, paper, wood, concrete, textiles, artoys… He has evolved without ever really losing his inner child, a colourful and carefree world, which has earned him great collaborations with Posca, Casio G-shock, Nescafé Dolce Gusto, Eastpak, Wrung, Otaku and many others. The walls of the city of Lagny-sur-Marne in the Paris region are covered with his ephemeral works of small birds. During the presidential elections of 2017, he attracted attention by sticking one of his posters “For a people’s presidency” on all 12 billboards of the city. In 2015, he drew one of his birds on the Wall of Love, rue Alibert in Paris, in tribute to the attacks of 13 November 2015. He appeared in the 2018 clip Enfoirés.