Géraldine Morales

With a degree in chemistry and a doctorate in her pocket in 1994, and a promising career ahead as a researcher, the very scientific path that Géraldine Morales was carving for herself seemed quite far removed from any artistic creation.

However, as early as 1995, while she was pursuing her studies, she was already helping an aunt where she lived to make drawings for porcelain painting. Subsequently, without a prospect for sustainable employment due to her husband moving regularly, she put her career as a researcher on hold to enroll in various courses (watercolour, porcelain painting) in some associations. In 2002, she followed a year of development in drawing (charcoal and pastel) in Metz at La petite Ruche workshop and a remarkable exhibition. In the process, she began a self-taught career the same year, first as a watercolourist and then as a pastellist before discovering oil painting in 2005, a favourite… Her techniques are constantly reshaped by her choice of pigments, media, supports… This results in creations of different styles, either on wood (the wood gives the painting a warm and natural touch) or on canvas, favouring square formats. She adopts the transparent play of glazes and colours in pastel and velvety tones. Coloured backgrounds tend towards abstraction to emphasize the main subjects. Many themes inspire her: Africa, animals, particularly dogs; fascinated by their looks, rural and urban landscapes, travels (Morocco)… Her art is figurative, marked by the desire to show everything beautiful and restful in this world.

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