“I left the frenzy of the corporate world to come and live all year round on the shores of the Atlantic, where I paint as naturally as I breathe, taking the time to live every moment fully from now on.” It is in these words that SANDrineGergaud evokes her new life, combining changes of residence and career. Formerly an industrial designer in the Nantes agglomeration, in 2009 she decided to settle in the commune of Paimboeuf, located on the south bank of the Loire estuary and opened a workshop devoted to her research and artistic experiments, as well as to the exhibition and sale of her first paintings. Three years later, under the nickname SAND – which means sand in English and German – she enrolled at the Maison des Artistes and became a full-time painter.

Passionate about marine environment and the atmosphere that is so characteristic of the seaside, SAND works to collect, detail and hold onto snapshots of life. Armed with a palette of acrylics with resolutely soft tones, she likes to capture localsand holiday makers in their simple daily actions. Created based on a realistic outline centered more on the representation of a situation than on the accurate copy of an observed reality, the characters emerge from an evocative and uncertain background, where the horizon disappears in favour ofan infinite landscape, which cannot be distinguished by outlines or destination. Bright and poetic, each scene then becomes the beginning of a narrative for the viewer, so that in turn “with its share of interpretation, personality and projection”, it continues writing…