Julie Argall

Always attracted by the creative world, Julie’s career has been built on her many encounters and experiences in the world of visual and fine arts. Originally from the city of Trois-Rivières, Quebec, at the age of eighteen, she went to study graphic design in Montreal and then became a model for painting and drawing classes. At the same time, she continued her education through a university degree in Fine Arts, during which she obtained a job in a mosaic workshop. A few years later, she trained in 3D animation and refined her pictorial technique by working as an assistant painter in film studios.

During this period dedicated to the learning of new creative techniques, Julie thrived on relationships with dancers and painters, all of whom contributed to enriching her passion, and so in August 2017, supported by her wife, she decided to give devoting all of her energy to the realisation of her paintings a try.

Seeking to transpose reality as accurately as possible onto her canvas, Julie creates her oil paintings from untouched photographs taken by her. With the help of her brushes, she strives to carefully account for the veracity of colours and details, attempting to get closer to the essence of her subjects. In addition, moved by the light emanating from the landscapes of southern France, where her partner comes from, Julie draws her inspiration from the works of landscape painters of Provence, such as Raphaël Ponson (1835-1904) and Joseph Garibaldi (1863-1941).