Javier Andres

Through his painter grandparents, Javier developed a confident inclination towards the art from his childhood. Supported by his family, he drew and painted while learning about the lives of famous artists through books. At the end of his high school studies, he joined a graduate school for architecture; a second area that he likes. After three years of studying, coming to the sad conclusion that the career of an architect was not focused enough on creation for him, Javier abandoned his training without knowing what the future would hold for him.

Attracted by Pop Art and principally the work of the American artist Roy Lichtenstein (1923-1977), the young man took an interest in the Mexican painters of this movement, and began, at first shyly and with humility, his own creations. As he paints, Javier finds the passion that came alive when he was a child, and ended up making many acrylic paintings on canvas which he adorned the walls of his apartment with. One thing led to another, and his works enticed more and more people, until it pushed him to consider it as a career.

Today, after five years devoted to the perfecting of his technique and expertise, Javier has developed a personal style firmly in tune with his time. An enthusiastic heir to the throne of Pop Art, he likes to interpret according to his own criteria and sensitivities, the icons of the world of entertainment, or characters from the world of comics that are now part of all our memories, not lacking a certain humour and a dose of controversy.