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Marion Roussel

A ceramist by trade, Marion trained in the arts of fire at the L'initiative School in Paris, before continuing her studies at the National School of Decorative Arts in Limoges, from 1980 to 1983. Freshly graduated, she perfected her expertise during four years in the workshop of the contemporary ceramist Christine Viallet-Kuhn (born in 1942), in Versailles. The year 1990 marks the opening of his own workshop "The Workshop Tierra del Fuego" in La Celle-Saint-Cloud, in the Paris region. Since then, the young artist has been sharing her time between her practice of sculpture, the realisation of her ceramic creations and the development of introductory and advanced courses for both adults and children.

Interested in playing with textures, Marion tried her hand at the raku technique in the early 2000s. This process originated in Japan, discovered and worked with by ceramist Camille Virot (born in 1947), won her attention straight away because it allows her to experience both the effects of materials and the instability of enamel, to capture "the matter beyond the form". Thus, for several years now, in a constant search for lightness and grace, the ceramist has been extending her graphic, boldly figurative study by associating raku with other techniques and materials such as metal.

Treated with softness and poetry, in a refined style using only tones derived from black or white, Marion's stylised characters invite us to stop for a moment to enjoy the pleasures of contemplation and escape.