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Always a keen drawer, José Antonio Martinez De la Cruz, known as JAMDELAC, was encouraged by his school visual arts teacher in the pursuit of his practice.In 1999, he created his first personal exhibit at the TonacalliHouse of Culture in the Mexican town of Iztapalapa;an experience which encouraged him to continue on that path.He joined various artistic experimentation workshops – graphic design, sculpture and painting – at the National Autonomous University of Mexico.

From these multiple training courses, a multi-talented artist was born who works towards each of his achievements with passion and energy, whether on paper, on canvas or on an already existing material. Thus, in 2015, JAMDELAC was invited to design a mural on the facade of the Antique Toy Museum in Mexico and a second, entitled ‘Agua, mi esperanza’, as part of the great urban artistic event,Hidro Arte.At the same time, he continued his graphic activities by creating fanzines that he presented at various independent festivals.

His figurative work is playful, colourful and bravely contemporary. The essence of his artistic approach is orientated towards the visual and graphic celebration of Mexican culture and folklore, to which he adds elements relating to his identity, his life and his aspirations. Thus, armed with his stencils that he combines with in and acrylic, JAMDELAC has been building a world of his own for several years now, which oscillates between fiction and reality, urban practice and traditional painting.

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