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This visual artist from Limoges is a former triathlon athlete with a master's degree in development science and technology. She took her first steps along her career path by working in the real estate development sector for twenty years. Her numerous collaborations with architects and her constant monitoring creative processes gradually gave rise to a desire to produce an original and personal work.

In 2008, driven by an ecological awareness, MAD began an artistic practice based on the use of various discarded materials which she wanted to give a second life to. Multiple heterogeneous creations, which are powerfully luminous and colourful, emerged from her first works at the crossroads of practices and materials. Six years later, her interest led her to the field of photography, mainly vintage photography, where she favoured black and white photographs imbued with a feeling of melancholy and nostalgia. Seeking to revive the characters by giving them a dose of contemporaneity and visual reality, this talented portrait artist reinterprets her subjects with staples, pins, and more specifically, suspended feathers – she has acquired this expertise from a recent training course in plumage -.

Through this bold and original approach, which proposes a completely new way of apprehending the features of a face, of giving substance to an expression, MAD creates ingenious compositions in relief and nuances that respond to the subtle interplay of light while providing the spectator with intense emotion.