Cédric Bouteiller

Multitalented artist, painter, photographer and graphic designer, notable for his modest background, he has made the street his field of experimentation, always roaming the streets, camera in hand. After having searched, mended, collected, and recovered papers, photos and posters in the public space and the mainstream public press, it is in his workshop in Aix-en-Provence that Cédric Boutellier expresses a resolutely modern creative spirit.

Graffiti, collage, stencil, painting, this figurehead of street art borrows from digital technology, merging techniques on brushed aluminium supports and the fruits of his quest, allowing him to produce a new kind of collage. The development of these works, conceived from an image bank, consists of stratification, with a layered effect of crusts that makes the material appear on the supports (papers, screen prints, photos, drawings, watercolours, tags, stickers, posters). The whole thing is covered with a thick, translucent epoxy resin.

If the collages claim a cubist and Dadaist inspiration, the digital composition refers to the evanescence of the modern world and brings the viewer into the subconscious of the artist. The large brushstrokes remind us that he was first an abstract painter, marked by the masterful work of Zao Wou-KI. One gets lost in his creations, with varied iconographic and chromatic sources, although one can notice a preference for big urban scenes (Paris, New York, Shanghai), where the lines of force of the space (verticals and perspectives) are depicted perfectly. Another element of the city is particularly close to his heart: the retinal bombardment of images evoking an urban world in perpetual motion, marked by the emergence of the mass media.

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