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In turn a designer, interior designer and then a sculptor, Denise Nouna Benarrouch, known as “NOUNA” trained in the theory and practice of applied arts at two specialised Parisian schools. After graduating from the École Supérieure des Arts Modernes in Paris, NOUNA began a prolific career devoted to creation and decoration for companies in the industrial and commercial sector for about ten years. In 1992, she felt the need to devote herself to sculpture and joined the studio of the sculptor Myriam Franck, before continuing her apprenticeship through a course at the École Boulle.

NOUNA creates her works in the intimate and peaceful space of her studio in Paris, and works with clay using living models. Not wishing to confine her practice to a particular style, NOUNA nourishes her work with everything that surrounds her and touches her personally, in order to always guarantee freedom of execution and expression. Thus, she creates nude, creations inspired by primitive art and African art and more recently, numerous contemporary resin sculptures, powerfully coloured, inspired by pop art and urban art.

In constant search of new techniques, the artist strives to develop her work according to her current aspirations, with sincerity and passion. Also, thanks to her first years dedicated to continuous experimentation with materials and styles, NOUNA has kept a freshness and vitality that lasts in each of her creations.

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