Patrick Peret

Based in Aveyron, in the small town of Florentin-la-Capelle, Patrick is a painter, registered at the Maison des Artistes since 2013. In the same year, he joined the OzArts Citoyens association, based in the neighboring town of Rodez, then in March 2017 became a member of the French branch of the famous International Watercolor Society.

Self-taught, Patrick discovered and experimented with watercolour during an introductory course at the end of the 90s. Since then, he abandoned all the other techniques to devote himself to the practice of watercolour. Impassioned, the painter spent several years perfecting his technique with renowned contemporary watercolourists, such as Jean-Louis Morelle (born in 1945), Ewa Karpinska (born in 1962) or Joseph Zbukvic (born in 1952). It is in the studio of the latter - an Australian painter from Zagreb in Croatia - that Patrick learned to extend his field of vision to achieve an increase in his possibilities of expression.

Inspired as much by the landscapes of his native region as by the cities he travels to, Patrick likes to capture the light and the atmosphere of the places visited and the scenes of life observed, in an attempt to sketch a memorial and perceptive impression of it. Thus, from a relatively small palette of colours favouring degradations of light and dark, the painter performs his works with enthusiasm and spontaneity. Seeking more to suggest than to represent reality itself, the painter plunges the viewer into a universe that is both familiar and unknown, that everyone can interpret freely and in their own way.