Marta R. Gustems

Originally from Barcelona where she lives and works, Marta has learned the skills of fashion and ready-to-wear, studies that led her to work as a stylist for twenty years. Alongside her career, she likes to practice drawing and painting to create more personal work, the aesthetic of which is mostly inspired by the world through the eyes of a child.

After several projects and collective exhibitions during the 2000s, Marta was invited by the Barcelona Safia gallery to exhibit a large share of her drawings, assembled under the title "Dibujogente", in April 2011. This first experience and the ones that followed made up the young woman's mind to end her career in the textile industry to order to devote herself to the practicing of her passion for painting and illustration. Also, since 2013, Marta has worked as much in the production of her figurative works at the disposal of galleries and art centers as in the design of numerous drawings intended to illustrate various mediums of printing, novels and books for young people. Together, Marta collaborates on school projects and introduces introductory art workshops for children.

Her snippets of daily life and her portraits are always executed with great mastery, with a gesture full of sweetness and kindness to her subjects. Inspired by literal elements or drawing from her imagination, with her pencils, watercolours and anilines, the Catalan artist composes delicate stories that everyone can easily relate to.