Cuban artist Pipo studied in Havana before returning to his hometown of Guantánamo. His taste for the visual arts is due to the fact that “God wanted it”, because there was no other visual artist in his family. Some of his relatives did not see a future in this business. Today, they appreciate the effort he has made on his path to creation. This tendency developed very early and the desire became even stronger over time, “I could not stop painting, it became something essential for me to continue doing while my classmates were inclined towards other professions,” says the artist.

The themes that inspire him are those that relate to the realities of the city, the daily struggle for human beings to move forward with the blessing of God. He likes to concern himself with topics about children, since he is a father and has taught some of them. The materials he uses to work are oil, canvas and spatulas.

After painting realistic themes, he matured as an artist by rubbing shoulders with his classmates from different schools across the country who had different styles and different ways of expressing their ideas. “I feel influenced not only by the suggestions of my relatives, my wife, who appreciate my efforts, and my two and four year old daughters who often give me their opinion.”