Marina Nikonova

Originally from the port city of Samara where she lives and works, Marina Nikonova is a Russian painter who graduated from the State Academy of Culture and Arts in Samara in 2015. The following year, she became a member of the Union of Russian Artists, a national association with which she now exhibits her work each year.

This young artist is passionate about travelling, and likes to create her pictorial works in situ in order to capture the unique atmospheres that emerge from each of the countries she travels around, striving to immortalize both the beauty of the landscapes and the dynamism of its cities and inhabitants. From Israel (Tel Aviv) to Latvia (Riga), England (London), the Czech Republic (Prague), Hungary (Budapest) and the island of Majorca (Palma), Marina composes snapshots of daily life imbued with a strong symbolism, which she describes in these terms: "In my paintings, I try to transmit the notions of transformation and of the meaning of images through a set of metaphors and associations".

Working both with oil on canvas and watercolour, the painter does not limit herself to a single subject in order to diversify her practice as much as possible and give the expression of her creativity the space it needs, while remaining in a resolutely figurative and realistic register. Thus, portraits, landscapes, scenes of daily life and still lifes alternate and enrich each other to form a corpus as eclectic as it is harmonious.

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