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Ihab Ahmad

Lebanese artist and abstract expressionist painter, Ihab Ahmed was born in 1983 in the heart of the civil war that was tearing Lebanon apart. His work is a representation of the ‘perfect childish joy’ that he felt as a child while enormous problems and threats surrounded him and his family. But like many other artists on the Lebanese scene, he has faced the challenge of reinventing another world between fantasy and reality, and a new society which is more open, just and egalitarian.

It is a message of hope that I want to launch through my work, a gift to the people and to the new generation,’ says the artist. This new generation is already hard at work building a better Lebanon, he says, ‘a better world’.

To paint he uses pen, acrylic paint and has a liking for stencils, collages and mixed media. Enthusiastic about oil on canvas, he also works with wood, metal and plexi. The rough creatures he draws harmonise on the canvas in a haven of peace and joy. They are carried by the imagination of the artist: memories of childhood and happy moments. A bright space freed from all constraint, fear, evil and worry. Familiar creatures include: cats, birds, fish. Whether imaginary characters or not, they coexist in a childish context. Ihab Ahmad paints for one reason: to take pleasure from it. A splendid atmosphere that stimulates the imagination of the viewer… Very actively, he founded the Beirut art studio, a creative space where you can train in art and design.