As a teenager, Pupa eagerly immersed herself in the many books dedicated to the Renaissance arts, which were kept in her grandfather's library. The discovery of this universe which is rich in shapes and colours led her to devote herself to the practice of both drawing and painting. Until the age of twenty-three, the young aspiring artist focused most of her attention on portraiture. In addition to her creative hobbies, Pupa started to study psychology at the Lebanese University of Beirut. There, she became passionate about behavioural sciences and more specifically about psychoanalytical interpretations of dreams. From then on, it became evident to her that collage was the ideal means of artistic expression. This process is based essentially on a set of symbolic and visual associations and she constantly pushes its boundaries. This technique offers her more freedom and surprises than traditional graphic techniques. Thus, driven both by aesthetic research and her interest in social themes - such as childhood, resilience, the relationship between civilization and nature - Pupa composes each of her creations as if "she was writing a poem, a haiku or a metaphor". Between intentions and automatic writing, the artist's approach reveals incredible exquisite corpses, whose hidden meaning deserves our attention. Her collages are skilfully researched from a graphic and symbolic point of view and they conceal a thousand and one details that stretch our imagination to its limits.

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