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Settled since 2014 in the municipality of Sullyla- Chapelle in the Loiret region, Julie, now a painter, has established her studio there. Going back to her first love, she devotes her daily life to the development and promotion of her pictorial creation.

Drawing inspiration from her surroundings, Julie continued her apprenticeship by trying to translate certain celebrities of the entertainment world into paintings. Today, she works primarily by intuition, feeding her practice with works of artists that she admires such as Francis Bacon, Jean-Michel Basquiat and the contemporary painters Lou Ros and Emilio Villalba who both belong to her generation.

With acrylic paint that she sometimes combines with the use of aerosols, charcoal, pens or pastels, the painter composes her realistic portraits with enthusiasm and passion. Resulting from a precise gesture executed quickly on the canvas, Nicolle’s essentially feminine faces bear witness to a deep softness in their features, revealing the indulgence that the painter brings to her subjects and to her new mode of expression.