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Roger Burgi

A self-taught passionate drawer since his childhood, Roger then tried to paint and make his first painting in 1966. Seven years later, after many months devoted to the development of his amateur practice, Roger decided to permanently swap his industrial designer tools for those of a painter. Since then, with his brushes and tubes of paint, he devotes every day to the realisation of his works.

The variations of colour as well as the geometrisation of shapes is at the heart of approach. Roger’s pictorial style evolved over time to become more and more stylized and abstract, without ever losing his chromatic and formal identity.

Between cubism and decorative painting, the artistry of the painter is meant to be sharp and precise, infusing emotion and dynamism into his subjects. Marked by direct, bold and varied tones, Roger’s works are invitations to travel, celebrations of cultures and music, to which the artist invites us to take part.

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  • Roger Burgi
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