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Agnès Descamps

In 1988, after seven years of learning and practical work - two of which were devoted to the study of structures and objects - she graduated with honours from the School of Fine Arts in Mulhouse.

Agnès is simultaneously a painter, sculptor and designer who creates objects. This passionate visual artist has been working for nearly thirty years to develop a singular and protean work that resonates with the constant evolution of our modern society.

Using coloured resins and cutout metal, Agnès reinterprets the great classical sculptures of art history by choosing to simplify the original dimensions in order to create a resolutely contemporary image that "echoes our memory and awakens our emotions".

Thus, La Vénus de Milo, Le Penseur and also Le Baiser of Rodin are drafted and redrafted by the artist into delicate, refined silhouettes, whose fluid lines embrace the balance of forms.