Toni Chartier

Toni Chartier was born in the Loire and is a self-taught sculptor. It is thanks to drawing and painting that he was able to express himself for the first time and 7 years ago, he finally articulated his vision of the world purely and clearly through sculpture. Vanities, which once adorned curio cabinets, fascinated him. He then met another sculptor at an exhibition: Guillaume Séauve, who is now a friend of his and is based in Saint-Just-Saint-Rambert (Loire). They have since worked together on a collaborative artistic project which they signed "GT": vanities. The two artists shake up certainties and our collective imagination by forcing upon us the idea of a skull as a symbol of life and by adding a clown's nose as a carnal element. These vanities distort the representation of death and the precariousness of human passions. The skulls are shaped from resin or cast from bronze and are produced in a limited edition. After studying glass work (his family owns a glass and mirror company), Toni Chartier learnt how to use various materials: bronze, wood, metal, mud, stone, etc. to produce furniture designed and manufactured as works of art in his professional capacity. In a few years’ time, he hopes to have an artist's studio within his company TC Products & Limited. He focuses on each and every step of the process in order to ensure his work is of a high quality and has a professional finish. His rigour, attention to detail and expertise stand out in his many achievements. He is a young artist who will continue to impress.

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