Lau Blou

Born on the banks of the Loire, Lau grew up in contact with the colors and softness of Anjou. At 16 she decided to study Fine Arts with the idea of becoming an interior designer, but in the end, she turned to graphic design. Later, she moved to Cherbourg to join her husband and live her life as a mother. The desire to discover a completely different region led her to settle in the Alps where she worked for several years for nature magazines.
Soon, the desire to handle brushes and work in contact with media led her to seek out the atmosphere of art workshops. It is at the Cité des Arts in Chambery that she found serenity through painting. Her research initially focused on the stones and the patina of ancient walls. At that time, her sources of inspiration were the old villages, the mountains and the light that surround them.
She created horizontal constructions that invited the viewer to rest. But gradually, the ochre became increasingly dense and red burst into her palette giving it energy and heat.
In 2010, Lau moved towards the vertical: her structures began to stand up. It was the birth of different characters revealing their feelings and emotions. As the years passed, she began to overlay more and more acrylic in her works. She plays with transparent glazes to transcribe the traits that shape us. Her taste for contact with the medium leads her to mix paint with structural paste or pigments into which she then integrates paper and fabrics. Recently she has been exploring linocuts (linoleum engraving) and resin, as she tries to imprint the footsteps of passing time into her paintings. The light and energy of the colors push her to invent new encounters between her characters every day.
Lau now devotes her life to painting and divides her time between sports and arts associations in Chambéry.

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