Sebastien Brunel

Passionate about graphic arts, Sébastien joined the Émile Cohl School in Lyon to study illustration and graphic design. The courses he attended with live models during his training were a revelation to the young artist, and he decided to paint nudes. In 1996, Sébastien graduated with honours. He worked as a graphic designer in gaming studios in France and England for two years prior to launching off on his own. He set up a studio with three friends and collaborated on several projects for different clients (Editions Milan, Nuclide Games...) His career as an artist became concrete in 1999 when he registered with the Maison des Artistes. He began exhibiting in cafes, bookstores, bars and theatres in the Lyon region. Sébastien has taught courses around live models since 2011. He now lives and works in his hometown.
The naked body of the model is for him an inexhaustible source of inspiration. His artistic influences go back to the cave paintings of Chauvet (Ardèche). Breaking with the academic nude, Sébastien explores the body through a variety of angles. He models his approach after his favourite artists: Egon Schiele (Austrian artist, twentieth century), Kees Van Dongen (Dutch painter, nineteenth - twentieth centuries) or Jules Pascin (Bulgarian-born American painter, twentieth century).
The artist works with ink and brush on a pencil base. He adds shape by enhancing the figures with chalk and watercolour. He creates movement both through lines and the vibrant use of colour. He uses watercolours to "animate" the body, leaving white areas and by playing with nuances of the same tone. The light and shadow thus created bring life to the flesh of his models. His nudes intertwine and curve, revealing twisting muscles and the suppleness of the skin. By this staging of the body, Sébastien wishes to provoke an emotion from the viewer. His painting addresses the hidden part of man. Sensual without being erotic, it questions our own relationship to nudity and intimacy.

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