Alfredo Lopez

Of Bolivian origin, Alfredo’s family moved to Spain where he spent his childhood. His varied career has led him to work in areas ranging from multimedia (graphics, web design) to illustration and comics. At 36, he traded his status of designer for artist and decided to devote himself fully to his passion of painting.
Alfredo’s work is rooted in our daily lives and celebrates the ordinary. Occidental people are his main focus of study, and Alfredo’s mythology is made up of the multitude of acts carried out with joy and good humor that make up our lives. His works are allegories of the various themes of pleasure, work, business, love, drunkenness...
These narratives of mostly Occidental everyday life are characterized by their bright colors and the central and imposing place of the character within the work. Each of his paintings reminds us that happiness is in the here and now, in the small details of life. These views give an accurate picture of who we really are.
Since 2008, Alfredo’s artistic process has taken a new direction. To the flamboyance of his shimmering solids, he has added transparency to his palette. The use of plexiglass emphasizes the lightness of his subjects.
This versatile artist works with various media such as canvas, plexiglass or models, while keeping design as the basic technique. He works with polyurethane lacquer on all of these mediums.
The combined use of glass and plexiglass in place of a traditional canvas allows him to work on several levels. The shadows vary with the lighting, and aspects of the work change according to time or mood.
Today Alfredo’s career has taken an international turn. He alternates between solo and group exhibitions, offering a personalized and colorful vision of these everyday characters.