Eva Petkova

Evelina Petkova is an unconditional lover of reality. Catching and recreating it forms the essence of her work. Using beings and the places surrounding them for inspiration, she transforms lovers, friends, and parents into timeless characters, peopling the mythology of the artist, its welcoming lands and large spaces. Between realism and symbolism, Evelina Petkova’s acrylic tableaus, created on Buckram with brush and knife, and stone sculptures take us to our most naked state, to nature filled with raw emotion, to our most stripped condition.
The body does of course play a primordial role in this context. Its inclusion as support and tool is omnipresent in the artist’s works. Sculpture and painting really go « corps-à-corps » (hand-in-hand) with the subject matter. The physical relationship established between the artist and her work crystallises the primitive nature of a first gesture that prevails and preexists. As an instrument of communication, the artist also considers the body to be the key to a metaphysical experience which transcends reality to share itself by means of transfiguration, creation and contemplation.
Evelina Petkova uses gestures, her reality, her power and her endurance in the same act of creation to or express and model her own memories. Within the context of the importance of the painter’s gestures, the complete commitment of the painter to the act of creating is demonstrated by the intensity of the impression, the power of the manipulated subjects and the present forces that she both masters and tames.

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