Serge Rat

Serge has been passionate about drawing since his childhood in Paris. The white canvas became his favourite expression space. He began to integrate colour into his first self-taught works when he discovered pastels. After training in various workshops, the artist honed his art before joining the League of Pastel Artists in France. In the early 1990s, the National Association of French Artists became interested in his work and invited him to exhibit in many art fairs. Having received several awards, he began associating with the painter Ben Ami Koller and the Montreuil group of graphic artists. Serge then approached the Marais Painters in Paris. He collaborated with various galleries in the French capital and exhibited at the Montparnasse Art Market. The painter also participates in international exhibitions in Luxembourg, Germany, and Spain.
A witness of the world around him, Serge describes a society in motion, where each individual retains his uniqueness and his secrets. Paths of life meet in his works. Links are created or are undone. The gray figures in his paintings stand out to make the density of existence explode, while all around, white amplifies the mystery of the different paths of life. The eye focuses on each character. What is his background ? In what environment is he moving ? The questioning is very modern, but the answers belong only to the observer.
In love with pigments, Serge Deputy then adds various materials and elements to perfect his curiosity and overcome any constraints. Thus his passion remains intact when faced with the canvas. After a long journey into the world of pastels, the artist explored other areas until he found his medium, acrylic, which allows him to undertake his work with more freedom. An explorer of technology, his gestures change, but his mind remains true to its inspiration: the meeting of beings in their desire to exist.

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Cologne / Köln Cologne / Köln
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Expo Marseille Expo Marseille
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Paris Marais (4ème) Paris Marais (4ème)
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