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Married in real life, Claire and Yohann Gloaguen evolved in their respective arts for 10 years before creating the artistic duo CYEN in 2011.
Yohann has always combined his passions for cinema and photography. His career as a producer led him to travel around the world on a regular basis and as such allowed him over the course of time to capture the elements that call out to him in each city he visits.
As for Claire, she has been a visual painter since 2001 and has exhibited in various countries. She shares a love for cinema, art and travelling with her husband, as well as a pronounced interest in the city. Their shared passions thus bore the inevitable: to combine their talents in a unique artistic expression.
The two arts decided to create “street pieces”, reminiscent of the edges of walls or facades that called out to them. Starting with a chosen theme and associating a dominant colour to it, they dramatise a story. They assemble Yohann’s original photos as a collage and the construction materials that Claire transforms to bring relief to the photographic material. The painting thus gives life to an imaginary wall, which is partially wrested from the city.
At first, CYEN therefore paid tribute to each place and its anonymous or recognised actors, by associating signs, anonymous messages and street art, in order to create “show walls”.
Impregnated and fascinated for years by this street art, which keeps developing, the artistic duo then decided to evolve by creating their own “signatures” and express themselves through a total creation, this time in their “fictive walls”.
This new direction allows them to have their own playing field and to associate their new identities, such as “City Ghost”, “(H)andy”, “Jicky 13”, among others, and Yohann’s original photos, to give the illusion of bringing together different players on a single wall. These fictive and unique walls testify to the overflowing creative of this duo, who will perhaps one day allow some of their subjects to escape into the street…

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