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Claudine Cornille views her artwork as an applied weaving of “a story” which gathers, conserves and orders a repertoire of emotions from living things. The artist’s imprints, shadows, quivering, footprints, flaws, paintings, collages, montages and photographs are always the result of physical and mental wandering, allowing her to open doors onto another world.
“I feel it, I live it, I grasp it at all times, it is the infinite of my possibilities, enjoying an absolute liberty to dissolve me in it better like a blast of air, a wandering in space and time where everything opens up, so a veiled appearance of the piece that I discover in a sort of state coming from elsewhere is born, as if love became visible to me,” details the artist about her creation.
This fertile earth from which she draws the lifeblood of her work often requires several trips to get accustomed to and to familiarise herself with the signs of fragility which is constantly changing. Claudine Cornille’s compositions are therefore the fruit of a simultaneous vision of what is aging and what declares itself, from a shape, silhouette or sign, in its infancy or residual, the junction of two times, a movement forward and a return backwards, the crossing of two spaces in both the body and the lens.
The series of photographs “Transparency”, like the series of paintings “Wandering”, explores implicitly with the formal superimposing of motifs and images, the juxtaposition of two mental spaces, two interfaces which interlock and thus unlock access to a third dimension of the mind.