• Artwork's size:48x16" / 120x40 cm
  • Technic:Mixed
  • Style:Urban
  • Color:Black
Artwork mounted on stretcher frame

Unique and one-of-a-kind piece of art

Your artwork will be deliver, at the latest, on the 28/10/2020
Description of the artwork
The original and unique artwork Legacy is a creation from the artist Julien Rey, who realize urban landscapes very full of details with a special paint, that he mades himself, with lacquer and gold leafs for a wonderful effect!
The artist's word

"Strongly influenced by Asian culture, I then developed a personal technique: lacquer worked with a knife with inlaid gold leafs. I design my compositions with a desire for refinement and simplicity, where in an apparent chaos, I'm looking for this moment where everything shifts into zones of light and shadow, of black shimmer and gold shards. This confrontation of black and gold has guided me towards urban landscapes in the fugitive glow of twilight and dawn. My approach is not so much to represent the city as it exists, but rather to imagine different impressionistic atmospheres. I finally try to compose an aesthetic link between finesse and rigor, movement and perspective, empty and full."

Julien Rey

Julien Rey says it himself: he trained “self-taught, integrating and taking inspiration from various cultures, through [his] discoveries”. A great traveler, the French artist developed work that was heavily influenced by Asian culture. Marked by the Zen philosophy and with a desire for refinement and simplicity, he produces minimal compositions that appear like suspended moments, poetic breaks in the middle of the surrounding disorder. His unique and individual technique of working varnish worked with a knife and gold leaf inlays puts light at…


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