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Patrick Cornée
Chic glamour and graffiti
  • Size : 48x48" / 120x120 cm
  • Technic : Mixed
  • Style : Figurative
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Description of the artwork
The original and unique artwork Chic glamour and graffiti is a creation from the artist Patrick Cornee, who makes very colored artworks, in a pop art style.
Patrick Cornée

"I fill my canvases with love and some mysteries ... They have the power to produce happiness and joy for anyone who wants to contemplate them." Patrick discovered his love for painting and drawing at the age of 5 and the spontaneous creation of an imaginary character revealed his artistic side and his taste for art. Much later, the creative force of this phase of his childhood would reappear with all its intensity and uniqueness. The progression of his expression would become images, the harmony of forms would flourish naturally. Today, his pa…


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