For Christmas, just like Marc Agusil, go beyond the frame!

8 novembre 2019

To end this Advent season, we would like to present the last artist of our Christmas selection: Marc Agusil. You can’t miss out on his colorful paintings!

Powerfully colorful...

Fascinated by female faces right from the beginning, Marc Agusil favors portrait. He provides his very own touch to this style, which is already well-known: colors and texture are in the limelight, more than ever. But where do all these faces come from? His encounters with these many women have inspired as many paintings.

Powerfully colorful, he paints these portraits with quick and precise gestures. To obtain this result, he covers his canvases with oil and acrylic and then works with a palette knife or paintbrush. Thickly laid, the painting creates embossed designs and triggers unexpected lighting effects. He creates a surprise by contrasting the blurriness of colored spots with piercing eyes and precisely sculpted lips, which unveil the entire personality of these characters.

His work draws inspiration from « action painting », a movement which considers painting to be an arena in which one takes action, rather than a space in which one re-creates an object. This movement focuses on the physical performance of the painter, by considering that action should be highlighted on a painting and not the image.

We asked the artist…

But who are these women?

These are women of today or current figures. I admire faces which carry me away through their look and expression. Perhaps, it’s about a quest for idealized beauty. 

What would they say if they could talk?

They would talk to us about their worries, fears, aspirations. They would talk about art, cinema and literature to us. In short, they would talk to us about everything to do with emotions.

Why did you choose to work with such saturated colors?

Using very saturated colors is a way of passing on intense but also visceral emotions.

What did Carré d’artistes provide you with?

Carré d’artistes allowed me to exhibit my work in many countries but also helped developing myself as an artist, as I was able to meet a public who values my work. This is very important to me.

The first time I participated at a gallery opening, it took place at a gallery in Aix en Provence. I thought that we wouldn’t see anything as it was a cold and a rainy day. I was pleasantly surprised to see that many people came along and were very touched when the people shared their firm favorites with me: almost all my work was sold on this day.

Why do we like him?

The strength of colored tones, which jazz up our interiors. The power of expressions that Marc Agusil manages to pass on, through his female faces.

Let yourself get inspired by his artwork! Discover all the paintings of Marc Agusil, on our website.