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Shanghai combines past and future

(Xu-Zhen, European Thousand Arms Classical Sculpture)

Main symbol of the new China, Shanghai is attracting more and more expatriates and tourists who fell under the charm of the city. Resolutely modern, Shanghai is synonym of change and sophistication and has earned the reputation of being one of the most influential cities in the world.

This contemporary aspect can’t conceal the historical one as the city hosts various ancient places such as the Yu Garden, the Shanghai Xin Tian Di, Pedestrian Street thatholds the historical and cultural legacy of the city, or the former residence of Sun Yat-sen, founder of the Republic of China on Xiangshan Road. A wide network of museums supports this cultural aspect as Shanghai houses more than 30 museums.

A culture of highly developed art

The Shanghai Museum is certainly the most famous museum of the city as it offers a breathtaking view over the city. More than 120,000 items are exposed there and one can understand the Chinese history through sculptures, paintings, furniture calligraphy or ceramics. A real immersion into the Middle Kingdom’s glorious past.

On a more artistic point of view, the Shanghai Art Museum features paintings and artifacts from around the world. Various exhibitions are proposed throughout the year, mainly themed around Chinese modern art. Every medium is represented, from oil paintings to prints and sculptures. Ren Bonian is one of the famous painters that visitors can admire there.

The Rockbund Art Museum stands as one of the major museum of the city.  The contemporary art museum housed in a outstanding Art Deco building presents modern and contemporary art, both Chinese and international. The Rockbund Art Museum regularly hosts new exhibitions. Currently and through August 14, 2016 the exhibition "Tell Me a Story. Locality and Narrative" depicts 11 stories from different parts of Asia, retracing the cultural history of Asia.

(Shanghai Museum, Buddhist sculpture, Yu Gardens, Au Sow-Yee, The Kris Project I: The Never Ending Tale of Maria, Tin Mine, Spices and the Harimau)

Exhibitions facing the world

Each year, the city hosts the Shanghai Art Fair. More than 20 countries, art galleries, and diverse agencies present domestic and overseas artists such as Picasso, Chagall and Rembrandt.
This year, the Shanghai Art Fair will start on November 3 until 6 November 2016.

The World Expo Museum just opened this year and claims to be a "window on the world" as it features artists, exhibitions and innovations from around the world. Just like the city, the museum symbolizes the future and gets the audience involved through cultural events and conferences.

Last but not least, the International Shanghai Film Festival is the largest Asian film festival and one of the largest in the world. Starting in October, the festival is the perfect way to discover a new movie culture, including conferences and meetings with filmmakers. The Film Festival coincides with the Shanghai Tourism Festival whom important street shows give the city a unique and magical atmosphere. 


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