Artist testimony: Alfredo Lopez

26 juin 2018

Guiding artists and enabling them to evolve is one of Carré d’artistes’ main purposes.  Who better to testify than a sincere and experienced artist? Discover the impressions of the Bolivian artist Alfredo Lopez on his relationship with Carré d’artistes.


What did Carré d’artistes change for you, regarding your career as an artist?

When I started working with Carré d’artistes, there were only about 10 galleries. Back then, I was just leaving my job to become a full time artist. To me, there was no “before Carré d’artistes”, but more of a “with Carré d’artistes”.
Thanks to this company, my work is exhibited abroad.
Exchanges with gallery owners, because there are real exchanges, help understand how collectors sense our artistic approach.

How is your partnership with Carre d’artistes on a daily basis?

Even if I don’t speak daily with the team, I know I will have answers to artistic questions mainly. The painter is alone in his workshop and sometimes need a kind but sincere advice: the artistic team speaks to me directly and this allows me to start fresh everytime. They know about my artistic world, know what I want to do and what I won’t do (like paintings of New York and its tireless taxis, for example).

Describe your experience with Carré d’artistes 

The 3 words that best describe my experience with Carré d’artistes are:

Evolving: The Carré d’artistes from 10 years ago isn’t the same today. It let in big formats, volumes and opened up to the international market: it makes me want to try new experiences and more importantly, to present them.

Trust: it’s sad to say, but we don't find trust everywhere. With Carré d’artistes, we know that our artworks will be exhibited; put forward and that they will know how to bring a collector to our work. It really is motivating to do better because we know everyone will do its best.

UFO: Carré d’artistes is a UFO in the Art market, as it disrupts traditions in this world, and it is good: probably because it found its way in a missing link between a type of artist and a type of collector.

The event that marked me the most since working with Carré d’artistes is creating a sculpture for the Marseille gallery.
I was motivated to create new shapes, have a nice artistic experience and it was a great collaboration. We worked hand in hand; each party was presenting its ideas, respecting each other’s approach.
Even if the end of the story isn’t pretty, my sculpture being a victim of vandalism, the Carré d’artistes team never let me alone: because a broken artwork always hurts deep down.