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Atlanta, when civic rights meet Coca-Cola

7 août 2016


The "Big Peach» is an extremely dynamic and cultural city. Known for being the birthplace of Martin Luther King Jr., Atlanta evolved in few years from the capital of Georgia to an international metropolis. Indeed, one can find there the headquarters of Coca-Cola, very dear in the collective imagination of the Atlanta inhabitants, but also those of other multinationals such as CNN or UPS. Culture is not forgotten, as the birthplace of the "Dirty South ", the host city of the 1996 Summer Olympics proudly features a philharmonic orchestra and various museums spread through the city.

History at every corner…

To start, let’s focus on a monument of the American culture : the High Museum of Art. This gigantic museum, founded in 1905, exhibits more than 14,000 artworks, with a vast majority of American paintings from the nineteenth and twentieth century. Everyone will admire famous painters like Bellini, Carpaccio, Lange, Church and French artists such as Monet, Pissarro and Renoir. This museum hosts not  less than 10 exhibitions this summer including " The Rise of Sneaker Culture ", through August 14 , " Vik Muniz " through August 21 and an exhibition dedicated to African art .

History aficionados must visit the Atlanta History Center, gathering the largest collection of objects related to the American Civil War in the South East of the country. This museum, also known for being the filming location of the movie "The Hunger Games: Catching Fire" is also worth visiting for its beautiful gardens ... and a basketball courtyard built for the 1996 Olympics.

Finally, the Center for Civil and Human Rights is a privileged place for those interested in civic history. Near the Centennial Olympic Park, which also deserves a tour, this institution offers a comprehensive analysis of current human rights issues, by connecting the American Civil Rights Movement to today’s Global Human Rights Movements.  Let us not forget that Atlanta has played a leading role in the American civic movement.  The Martin Luther King, Jr. National Historic Siteis a good example of the city’s influence as it depicts the life of the African-American Baptist ministerand gives a beautiful tribute to one of the most famous person, if not the most famous one, born in Atlanta.


And unusual and playful activities

The Empire City of the South will delight you with its original museums, starting with the Coca-Cola Museum, which will give you an insight on the history of the most famous soda in the world. This huge hosts many surprises, among which countless collectibles or even very fun movies.  You can even try to duplicate the historical logo of the multinational or simply enjoy one of the 60 varieties of Coca-Cola sold around the world.

Another multinational, in a different atmosphere, is worth touring: the CNN studios. To attend the preparations of a TV journal or simply to come across a famous anchor, this visit will immerse you in the universe of the largest broadcast news channel in the world. You can even get inside the control room to see how producers work or even sit in an anchor’s chair and experience for a second the fate of an American journalist.

Atlanta famous landmark is the Georgia Aquarium, one of the most popular attractions of the city and state. Although it is not considered as a museum, a visit is inevitable to admire the largest fishes in the world like the whale shark, but also dolphins, otters or even belugas. This aquarium offers various playful activities that will delight the young ones.

Finally, nature lovers are not left behind thanks to the Atlanta Botanical Garden The Orchid House features a fantastic collection of those very fragile flowers. The Canopy Walk, a 200 meters high suspension bridge above an urban forest,  delight the visitors just like the eclectic program of the building. Indeed, in addition to being a perfect spot for photos shootings, the Botanical Garden organizes Cocktails and summer concerts. And if you are lucky enough to spend the end of year there, go admire the most famous illuminations of Atlanta.


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