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August 2016 : new artists in the Carré d'artistes galleries

4 août 2016

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In August, we do not notice arrivals of new artists in the network of French galleries... which announces a big September! However, you'll have to note the arrival of paintings by Valérie Depadova in the gallery of d'Aix-en-Provence, of collages by Karl Gustavsen in Lyon, of abstracts by Morten Pedersen in Strasbourg or of canvas by Clade in Marseille. For the Parisian galleries, it is now possible to find the artworks of Paris, Le Marais (4th), the paintings of Nicole Garilli à Paris, Saint-Germain (6th) but also those of Marie-Pierre Kuhn in Paris, Ile-Saint-Louis (4th).

(At the left : Marie-Pierre Kuhn, at the right : Gustavo Ortiz)


Abroad, 4 new artists exhibit for the first time!

This month, four artists are exhibiting for the first time in the Carré d'artistes® network... and they start abroad! You will discover artworks of the Isère native, Pierre Reymond in Istanbul, the native of southern Italy, Cristina Fornarelli goes in Milano when Christian Vey crosses the Atlantic towards Philadelphia. Finally, Nicolas Guyot is exhibiting in Amsterdam 9 Streets.


(From the left to the right : Cristina Fornarelli, Nicolas Guyot, Christian Vey, Pierre Reymond)

Regarding the classic monthly switch: Branda is in Barcelona, Luschi in Berlin, Paul Ygartua in Amsterdam Spiegelstraat, Dominique Capocci in Rome, Valérie Brizard in Doha or also Serge Rat in Moscou.