For Christmas, just like Nikola Vudrag, go beyond the frame!

8 novembre 2019

It’s high time to present the second artist of our Christmas selection: Nikola Vudrag!

He could have become a steelworker or a welder, following the example of his father and grandfather, but Nikola Vudrag preferred transforming his metal work…into art.

We’ll tell you everything!

He has always been fascinated by the natural laws which govern the construction of our world and take part in manufacturing all shapes on Earth. The young artist decided to get enrolled at the Fine Arts School of Zagreb, to devote his higher education to learning sculptural techniques. In 2013, he was valedictorian and was awarded a merit scholarship.

It didn’t take long for Nikola Vudrag to be called upon, in order to create several public sculptures. This is how in 2017, he was selected to create the portrait of Gospa od Loreta (Notre Dame de Lorette), a monumental sculpture, erected on the sides of the Primosten municipality.

Beyond his incredible expertise on molding, welding and painting, what makes the Croatian artist stand out, is certainly through the diversity of his various sources of inspiration. Philosophy, anthropology, theology, life sciences, physics, mathematics are the many fields that Nikola Vudrag uses, to create his works.

Why do we love him?

The uniqueness of his works enhance the beauty of our interiors. His unparalleled technique and know-how provide this industrial material with refinement and finesse. A fully-fledged work of art!

His unique and original work hasn’t ceased to amaze you! Discover all his works on our site.