For Christmas, just like Pascal Lionnet, go beyond the frame!

8 novembre 2019

Christmas carol playlist, tempted by Christmas cookies, hot chocolate by the fire…The sweet Christmas period is on the way! To accompany you this year, we have created a particularly special advent calendar: we unveil our Christmas artist every week and their unique way of going beyond the frame. 

This week, we take you for a journey to a dreamlike and surreal universe of Pascal Lionnet! Pascal Lionnet is a self-taught artist, he chose to express himself through painting and music, right from the beginning. Since 20 years, his two passions have been nourishing one another.

He casually takes you to his surreal universe, which is filled with outsized animals and giant heavenly carps. He does so, in an out of sync manner, yet with a dash of humor.

Portrait de Pascal Lionnet dans son atelier

Overflowing creativity

So, you may wonder, where do these unexpected ideas come from? How did Pascal Lionnet become a painter and manage to create a very symbolic yet personal universe?

 "On 16th February 1963, I turned 6 and I took my first steps on the Tunisian soil…my life was shaken up."

Everything began during his childhood! An artist’s initial inspirations often come from this pivotal period. Right since the age of 6, Pascal Lionnet left to live in Tunisia: a major shakeup. For almost 11 years, he was immersed in a new culture: he got inspired by the Tunisian ceramic colors, the white houses, not to mention the scent of spices.

As soon as he got back to France at the age of 17, he asserted his passion for painting but also music and writing. Author, composer and artist, he wrote several music compositions and played many instruments.  Lionnet was overflowing with creativity and published two works, an autobiography and a story book. His initial paintings represented still life and landscapes of North Africa. Initially unveiled during amateur exhibitions, his paintings soon came across success and were exhibited in galleries.

Inside the studio of Pascal Lionnet

Discover an extraordinary universe!

Extremely inspired by Dali, or even Magritte, Pascal Lionnet has genuinely put down roots, in his surreal universe. Contrary to what one might believe at first glance, all this makes sense! Let us help you decipher his works!

You wouldn’t have missed out on this: fruits and gigantic animals, desert-like landscapes, slender figures…What does this all mean? The artist claims the excess in our world, such as the over-production of food or over-sized constructions. His little characters portray the spectator and powerless humanity, faced with the irreparable.

However, Pascal Lionnet doesn’t want to display a gloomy vision. On the contrary, he works on a dialogue which offers a humoristic and wonderful vision, of the current world. Nature remains a source of fascination and Pascal Lionnet preserves all its beauty.

Detail of an artwork by Pascal Lionnet

Why do we like it?

His fruits and gigantic animals carry us to a fantasy world. His surrealistic universe opens our eyes, to the world of today, through humor. Art, mystery and uniqueness are forthcoming!


A word from the artist?

« My painting talks to you about us.

A viewpoint on a planet, which has been putting up with our eccentricities since 200 000 years.

Are we losing our core values? Is it realistic saying so? Is it surrealistic painting it?”.


He speaks about us, let’s talk about him.

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