Last Children Workshops for the end of the year

15 septembre 2016

Art shouldn’t just be for the privileged few, it’s for everyone... Andy Warhol


Art for everyone!

On the 17th October (12th October in France) will stand the last Children Workshop in Barcelona with a special tribute to Takashi Murakami.

Carré d'artistes® offers two workshops: the first at 2pm and the second at 3pm (each of these workshops may welcome 5 children). These free workshops allow children from 7 to 11 to discover in a funny and concrete way technic and colored style of this Japanese artist. This educational and entertaining approach gives to children the chance to take their first steps into the universe of contemporary art. During these workshops, children are educated to artworks, the role of colors, forms, perspectives and to discover the different styles and technics used by Murakami.

Carré d'artistes® democratizes contemporary art by making it accessible to everyone and Children Workshops, free, are into this logic.

Monday 17th October in Barcelona and Wednesday 12th October in France

From 2pm to 4pm on registration in the gallery of your choice

Who is Takashi Murakami?

Originally from Japan, this former student at the Beaux-Arts in Tokyo is one of the most famous artist of the world. Engaged in an altruistic approach, he founded the production studio Kaikai Kiki Corporation (ex Hiropon Factory) which allows him to support and sponsor young artists.

The eyes are the signature of Murakami, he resumed manga codes (very large eyes, round and colorful), and isolate them into a symbol. Mixing traditional painting, the so-called "high culture" (the one from university's books, art schools, etc.), and imaginary being of "low culture" (the one from the cartoons, comics, television, etc.) is THE revolution of Takashi Murakami and what made him so famous.

Technically, Murakami, who claims the legacy of Warhol, mixes multiple skills such as Japanese traditional techniques and contemporary trends of his country (manga and anime), pop art and sometimes even advanced technologies from the industrial design.

Murakami is a versatile and eclectic artist who did not hesitate to engage in several areas such as video or fashion. He has collaborate with American rapper Kanye West and Pharrell Williams, the actress Kirsten Dunst or the brand Louis Vuitton.

An exhibition devoted to the artworks of Murakami is currently taking place (until March, 6th 2016) at the Mori Art Museum in Tokyo.