Live performances and artistic meetings in Carre d’artistes galleries - March

8 mars 2019


Every year, Carré d’Artistes gallery opens its doors and organizes events with artists.

We are launching our first one this March! For a few weekends, the artists move their workshops in our galleries and perform live.

On March 16th & 17th, March 23rd & 24th, April 5th & 6th and April 27th, meet Vudrag, the Croatian artist who defies the law of gravity with his sculptures, exchange with Julien Rey who draws his inspiration from urban landscapes enlightened by the fugitive gleams of the dawn or watch the technique of Fluid painting alongside our Argentinian artist, Silvia Depaire.

From the abstract to the street art, from the urban to the seascape through the art brut and the photographic painting, the eclectism of our range of artists will surprise you!

For more information, click on the links below.



Paris Expo - Vudrag ➡ See the event

Paris Saint-Germain - Thierry Boitier ➡ See the event

Paris Marais - Emmanuelle Levesque ➡ See the event

Paris Montmartre - François-Régis Lemonnier ➡ See the event

Paris Île Saint-Louis - Silvia Depaire ➡ See the event


Aix-en-Provence - Sophie Rocco ➡ See the event

Marseille - Liisa Corbière ➡ See the event


Lyon Expo - Patrick Rousseau ➡ See the event

Lyon - Julien Rey ➡ See the event


Lille - Sophie Costa ➡ See the event

Strasbourg - Bruno Klein ➡ See the event

Bordeaux - Kikayou ➡ See the event

Toulouse - Geiry ➡ See the event



Barcelona - Dan Casado ➡ See the event



New York Bleecker - Virginie Schroeder ➡ See the event

New York Soho - Solveiga ➡ See the event

Sedona - Hervé Maury ➡ See the event