Lumière marine laquée from Albert Le Diuzet

3 juillet 2018

This week, discover the French artist Albert Le Diuzet’s inspirations and techniques through his artwork “Lumière marine laquée“.


A peacefull time

My work is inspired by two different and opposite cultures from the North and the South of France.
My new collection, from which « Lumière marine laquée » is part of, is a lot more refined than the previous ones and inspires calm and serenity.
It brings a different meaning to my last artworks, more poetic and soft or with an intense red sunset for a warm atmosphere.


The purity of their poetry, revealed by a hint of figurative to discover the suggestive, attracts us to these artworks.
It’s another look, another vision.

for an artist of great liveliness

After many years practicing Turnerian watercolor (inspired by the painter William Turner), I was looking for the same spontaneous gesture with another technique. 
I can be spontaneous with my return to oil paint applied with a putty knife, without construction, directly on the medium (canvas or cardboard), just like the water of my watercolors. My technique with a putty knife, or more often with a palette knife, gives me my instinctive freedom and abstract expression back, while maintaining a realistic theme.
The use of colors, an imposing palette, marked flat tints, forced tones, an instinctive and yet excitable painting, reveal a great liveliness and a spontaneous temperament.


What do you remember from your multi-faceted career as an artist?

Each step in my professional life was marked by good and bad moments ; whether it was in technical drawing, in advertising, in printing, photography, as well as in small jobs.  

What I mainly keep in mind is the web it allowed me to weave between my friends, my encounters in singing and my paintings because, let’s not forget: I wrote on the paper words that were going to become songs as much as I painted on the canvas colors and shapes that are those of the paths of my life.  





Lumière marine laquée 2