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March 2016 : the new artists in Carré d'artistes galleries

2 mars 2016

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4 new artists in French galleries

Paintings from the Northerner Dom Dewalles are coming in the gallery of Bordeaux, the work of Alsacian Philippe Hillenweck integrates the gallery of Strasbourg and two new unreleased artists are going to be exhibited in the gallery of Aix-en-Provence. This is the Rhodanienne Chantal Roux and Provençal, by adoption, Jean-Marie Ferrer.

And, as each month in Carré d'artistes, galleries are performing traditional rotation of the incoming and outgoing artists. It is therefore possible, starting March 2nd, to find out Odile Escolier in Lyon, Sophie Costa in Marseille, Lau Blou in Paris (Le Marais) or Eric Munsch in Toulouse.


(From left to right : Chantal Roux, Philippe Hillenweck, Dom Dewalles, Jean-Marie Ferrer)


News abroad

As for the French galleries, international galleries Carré d'artistes are welcoming new artists never exhibited. This is what happens in Germany where artworks by Cressanne are coming in Berlin and those by Christelle Bauduin are doing the same in Köln, whereas, in the USA, these are the paintings by Véronique Paquereau that will be exhibited in Boca Raton. Finally, in Doha, these are Caroline Matteoli paintings who have the honor of being presented.

Finally, in the rotation among galleries, please note the arrival of Gemma Aguasca Sole in BarcelonaLiisa Corbière in Lisbon, Estelle Barbet in Seoul, Baubeau de Secondigné in Milan or Anne Pivot-Iafrate in Philadelphia.


(From left to right : Cressanne, Christelle Bauduin, Caroline Mateoli, Véronique Paquereau)