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May 2016 : the new artists in Carré d'artistes galleries

1 mai 2016

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In May, these are no less than 9 new artists who integrate for the first time in Carré d'artistes® galleries. In Aix-en-Provence, Christophe Corbard and Annick Hadacek will exhibit their artworks in the eyes of "Provencaux". In Paris, these are the canvas of Suzanne Lastrina (Paris Saint-Germain, 6ème), of Emilie Biens (Montmartre, 18ème) and of Marianne Quinzin (Ile-Saint-Louis, 4ème) to be discovered. Finally, find out the artworks of Brigitte Rochas in Lille, of Franck Lamboley in Lyon, of Jiemef in Toulouse and of Matthieu Marcola in Strasbourg.

Please note that, from 4th May, this is possible to find out Mercedes Garcia Gallardo in Marseille, Nemesio Rubio in Lyon, Frédérique Marteau in Paris, Le Marais (4ème) or also Gina Caramba in Paris, Montmartre (18ème).


(From left to right : Emilie Biens, Christophe Corbard, Annick Hadacek, Suzanne Lastrina)

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Six new artists are coming to the Carré d'artistes® network abroad. Paintings of the French artist Yves Ogier are to discover in the gallery of Berlin, Native from New York, Sarah Aller will have the chance to see her artworks in the gallery of Big AppleJordi Santacana will find his paintings in Barcelona, the Bulgarian Angel Angelov in the meantime will integrate the gallery of Philadelphia, Michelle Hinz in Boca Raton and the Spanish Olga Cairols the gallery of Istanbul.


(From left to right : Sarah Aller, Olga Cairols, Michelle Hinz, Yves Ogier)

Regarding the "classic" monthly rotation, the movements that you can notice are: Cathy Mouis in Köln, David Jamin in Amsterdam 9 Streets, Kamal Inouri in Milano, Patrick Rousseau in Roma, Alan Berg in Séoul or also Pascal Marcel in Shanghai.

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