Meet Carlo Trevisan in Roma

25 février 2016

A full day of live show, this is what awaits the audience who will visit the Rome Carré d'artistes® gallery this Saturday, February 27th. From 11am to 8pm, artist and poet Carlo Trevisan will depict and explain his works inspired by surrealism.

Subjects out of their primary function

Born in Cesena in the heart of Emilia-Romagna in 1965, Carlo Trevisan has begun the art inspired many artistic movements. Sansepolcro, graduate of the University of Pisa and after seeing international contemporary art during various trips, he started in the 90s in heavily steeped in surrealism work.


His artworks and his paintings of animals, objects or characters on a generally uniform clean background. These subjects out of their usual context and their primary function, are simply considered for their esthetic and poetic properties creating a colorful world that is reminiscent of surrealist paintings of René Magritte.

On Saturday, February 27 in Rome Carré d'artistes® gallery will be an opportunity for Trevisan to explain his art and how he build his paintings where every detail is carefully designed and fits like a puzzle contributing the harmony of the whole.

Free entry

APPOINTEMENT ON FEBRUARY 27 at 11 am in the rome Carré d'artistes galery